Sunday, January 1, 2012

Cowboys Vs. Aliens

☀☀☀Cowboys & Aliens is a sci-fi/western flick based on the graphic novel by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg staring Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and Olivia Wide.

Well, Sweets, I finally found a few moments to hunker down and rent Cowboys vs. Aliens. My intent was to write a review about the flick but I was quite amused by the review I found by Ann Lewinson of so I chose to post it instead. Here is her condensed version.

"Ours is the age of the mash-up, and if next summer brings Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is slated for 2013), this summer we get Cowboys & Aliens, which at the very least is truth in advertising. You have your cowboys and you have your aliens, and you have your bandits and Apaches who join the search party to rescue their abducted kin, and it's James Bond and Indiana Jones (or is that Hans Solo ?) leading the searchers, which just mashes up the mash-up even more."

"The aliens, for their part, are hulking reptilian giants whose mucoid torsos conceal extra hands. They are steampunk aliens, as if imagined by 19th-century cowboys, flying planes with five pairs of wings and conducting their unexpectedly nightmarish experiments under distinctly unhygienic conditions. It's only on the vivisection table where, briefly, Cowboys & Aliens transcends its high concept, and then it's back to genre winks and nods, in a movie content to coast on the friction between its mashed-up parts."

I was content watching the movie to it's end and a bit amused by James Bond & Indiana Jones pairing up to defeat aliens, but it was by far not brilliant {which I do believe it could have been.}

You can read her full review at