Sunday, November 1, 2009

SteamBathFactory scents: the original 8

Introducing, Steam Bath Factory's original 8 fragrances.

About our scents:
■ black widow- breathtaking, with devious intentions, when dark vanilla marries sensuous musk, it can't end well...
■ carnival- your passage to the mischievous pleasures of cotton candy, tart lemon drops, sweet raspberries, caramel, powder, lily of the valley & fresh lavender, tempatation beckons.
■ conservatory- a proper, yet highly provocative blend of wood, coffee & old books with hint of cardamom, ginger & exotic Indian patchouli.
■ mutiny- passion and adventure await you with coconut, pirate’s rum, island spice and salty sea air. Prepare to be boarded!
■ nocturnal-a midnight dance with seductivley intoxicating anise spirits and the green fairy herself.
■ never more-shadows and fog come alive with exotic woods, crushed leaves camphor and hints of wild mint. Once upon a midnight dreary...
■ ray gun- wicked and wonderful, orange, grapefruit & tangerines burst with touch of lime, tea leaves and cinnamon.
■ old lace- echoeing romance, victorian lace gloves grasp delicate, fragrant violets