Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dark Beauty Magazine- custom scent design

Introducing, a Dark Beauty Magazine exclusive scent:

"Gin is so sweet and she knows her shit... with her magical mixing test tubes (Gin) made what is now Dark Beauty Magazine's exclusive scent, appropriately named, ACID REIGN."- Topher Adam creator of

Beware... all ye who tread here. SteamBath artisan perfume oils are not for the faint of heart. Anoint pulse points to reach your pentacle of desirability, if you dare.

■ ACID REIGN:...dark... primal... unisex, this blend begins with Pre-Columbian copal, a resin used by the Aztecs as an incense during their human sacrifice rituals, many moons ago. To bring this scent into the 21st century; a bit of black coffee. For sophistication; a splash of fig. For that erotic twist: a hint of bitter sweet chocolate & dark red black current liqueur.

■ Perfume OIl Ingredients :fragrance oil, therapeutic grade oils of sesame, rice bran, jojoba, apricot kernal

Photo by: Topher Adam photography