Thursday, June 9, 2011

Things I love Thursday: Let them eat cake...

{Supposedly} When Marie Antoinette learning that the peasants had no bread she exclaimed "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche" {"Let them eat cake"},reflecting the princess's obliviousness to the condition of her people as she wallowed in luxury. Here are a few of my {favorite} Marie Antoinette inspired etsy finds.

1st up, in honor of summer {pirate season}, I am maddly drawn to 'The Rianna', a Pirate Tricorn ♥ inspired by {both} Pirates & Sea Maidens: Tospy Turvey Design -Fine Millinery for Stage, Film & Play.
The infamous Louise Black has a Cameo Corset for ALL occasions, including this Young Marie Antoinette in Rocco Stripes!
The Cosmic Firefly has out done himself this time with this Octopus Girl Necklace, an Original Assemblage Jewelry Design. It carries both the summer pirate {arrgg} and 'Let them Eat Cake", themes.
This OOAK, Marie Antoinette Art Wig just screams of Cotton Candy Carnivals, the Circus & the {Pinkest} Lemonade by TiffanyDeMichele- Theatrical Wigs, Fashion Wigs and Handmade Extensions
Lastly, how about a pair of romantic, lace spats, layered with, roses and Victorian {steampunk} frills by Alina Ionescu Design all the way from Romania?