Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday


Rhissanna said...

Greetings Steambath Factory!

I couldn't find an email address so I'm writing this here. I know this probably isn't the best place I'm the co-founder of a Steampunk Linky Blog that runs every month, called Steam Tea Travels. It's rather new, but we're getting more people through the door. I appreciate you must be very busy at this time of year, but we'd be delighted to have your link included in our blog for this month.

Is it difficult? No indeed. You click on the button at the top that says 'you are next' CLICK HERE TO ENTER. The next page asks you to post your web address, then a name and email (which is hidden) and then you get to choose an image from your website to post as a button. Then you're done!

Anyone who clicks your link is taken straight to you.
Is it free?
Of course.
Is there a catch?
No, we're simply doing this to promote Steampunk, especially among those who have never heard of it or aren't sure what it's about. The blog founder hosts a blog where she issues copyright-free ephemera, including a lot of Steampunk images and I have a home decor blog about building a Victorian Steampunk study in a modern house.

If you'd like to join, but really can't spare the time due to the Seasonal workload, I would be happy to make the link for you.Your site is exactly what we're looking for. You could add another link, direct to your Etsy, too. It might bring you some business and it should definitely bring you some traffic.

I'm happy to answer any questions you might have.
Best of best seasonal wishes

Rhissanna said...

Or course, this would make more sense if I left the URL for the blog, right? Sorry. Here it is.