Saturday, August 6, 2011

{Dreaming} about a day at the beach.

My stars, It is {so} hot and I am {so} land-locked, dreaming of a sea breeze. To pass the time I search etsy for seahorses, mermaids, octopi. sailors, pirates {arggh}, beaches, oceans and escapes in general. I found some awe inspiring {dare I say titillating} pieces today.

Oh to be a 'shehorse' for just a day and drift out to sea ♥. Cool, serene, and lovely... this signed, digital print is of an original drawing in graphite on paper. Note the beautiful curves and sense of calmness artist Jeffrey Richter portrays by fusing the seahorse with the human form.

Or... perhaps... your dreams are more in mind with those of the fisherman's wife as photographed by Elisa Lazo de Valdez. Whether you draw away or are drawn ever so much closer, you have been moved {dare I say aroused} by natures mystery and beauty.