Thursday, August 25, 2011

Little Red Riding Hood : Frugal Fashion

Your steampunk fashions need not cost and arm and a leg. You can get this entire look for $111.50. cents on ETSY. Mingle it with basic, solid black and/or white pieces you already have in your closet for a complete ensemble.

Little Red Riding Hood {you sure are looking good} in your fleece cosplay hoodie and scarf combo by ForwardMotionArt ...

...and your super vibrant do-it-yourself goggles are a must have for any steampunk red riding hood. They are from jadedminx of Los Angeles, California. The best part is you select your own lens colors.

No steampunk outfit would ever be complete without arm warmers from the iconic Zen And Coffee.

Made of a bottom weight twill and lined with black, this cincher skirt is PERFECT for your inner little Red Riding Hood {or inner pirate, or vampire, or...}. Made by: burntthemacaroni of Chesapeake, VA.


PandaBear said...

I love this dress/corset! I love etsy and I just recently got an amazing handmade rockabilly dress that looks similar