Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Custom: Tattoo Flash Soaps for High Voltage

Ah ha, they are done! Some of the artsist working at Kat Von D's tattoo gallery in West Hollywood, have designed limited edition} flash especialy for my image soap bars. They are ONLY available at HIGH VOLTAGE Tattoo, 1259 N. La Brea Avenue, W. Hollywood CA.

If you are so inclined to aquire a few bars, I expect them to be available online, on the apothecary page of Kat's WONDERLAND GALLERY .

■ black cat tat- kraken scented (olive blossom & lemongrass)
■ fuzz face tat- nightfall scented (fig and black current)
■ panda tat- rabbithole scented (jasmin & cinnamon)
■ skull w/ tophat tat- mutiny scented (island coconut & bay rum)
■ muerta couple tat- raygun scented (sweet orange, tangerine & grapefruit)
■ mouth tat- sublime scented (lemon & lime blossom)
■ High Voltage logo- belladonna scented (green tea & cucumber)
■ High Voltage logo- conservatory (wood, coffee, old books & patchouli)