Thursday, May 12, 2011

Things I love Thursday: carnival photography

I am in {BIG} love with all things retro carnival, circus and fair, especial retro styled original carnival photos like 'The Grand Wheel' by Bucks Country Frames.

I am also {intensely} drawn to Elgar Boart's 'Vintage Swing' in Sydney, Australia.

And what's a carnival without a merry-go-round? This one was taken by bomobob and is of the world-famous, antique Tibidabo Carrousel in Barcelona Spain at Tibidabo park.

I almost forgot the 'Cotton Candy' by Eyeful. {That would have been a terrible travesty!}

I did {purposely} forget the scary clowns...though you can do your own quick ETSY search for 'scary clown' if you are feeling brave and adventurous! {I wouldn't click that last link- if I were you!}


Tricia McKellar said...

So wonderful! Thank you! :)

SteamBathFactory said...

Oh Dear! There were coments here yesterday, then blogger had a hiccup and they vanished...